Frequently Asked Questions

Ans : It might be time to replace your sleep set if,

1)    You bought your current mattress over 8 to 10 years ago:
The average life span of a quality mattress is eight to ten years. Mattresses older than that suffer from deteriorating comfort features and diminished support capabilities.

2)    The middle third or the sides of the mattress are sagging, making you roll towards your partner:
Due to prolonged usage of the mattress one may feel a gap in the mid one third region of the mattress and your body which is known as sagging. This is a common problem because the heaviest part of the body rests on this region of the mattress
3)    You wake up feeling more tired than when you went to sleep:
Most consumers wait too long to replace their mattresses. If you don't wake up feeling refreshed and rejuvenated - or if you feel any pain or discomfort - you've definitely waited too long.
4)    The couch feels more comfortable than your bed:
Concentrate on the feel of your mattress. Do you feel coils or bumps? Your body needs a smooth comfortable sleep surface to get a regenerative night's sleep. Your mattress should enable you to sleep through the night with minimal tossing and turning.
5)    Your mattress looks worn and uneven:
Inspect your mattress regularly for sags and imprints. If your mattress appears uneven or worn and frayed, maybe it’s time to start shopping! The upholstery layers in all mattresses compress over time. For optimal performance, be sure to rotate your mattress occasionally to extend its durability and renew its comfort. If you "inherited" your mattress from a family member or friend, chances are you need to replace it now.
6) You've taken your mattress for granted.
Mattresses are the most used yet most ignored piece of furniture in the house. Pay attention to your mattress. Do you hear creaks and groans? Do you notice the surface sags or indents in certain areas and not in others?  If the condition of your mattress is deteriorating, it is time for a change.

Ans : One should keep in mind the following points while shopping for a mattress:

The focus should be on finding a sleep set that satisfied the comfort preference first, then your quality preference. To do so, always shop wearing comfortable clothes and shoes that can easily be removed for lying down.

Take your time and don’t be shy. You can’t judge support and comfort by sitting on the edge or lying down for just a few seconds.

Lie on the bed the way that you sleep, and if you sleep with a partner, try shopping with him/her so you can decide together.

Look for additional features like the Posture Support Spring Technology and ACQ technology in Serta mattresses or APS technology in King Koil Mattress

Ans : Today there are different types of mattresses available: in different shapes and sizes. Over the years bedding has evolved and the major watershed in the industry was the discovery of innerspring mattresses.

Benefits have been attributed to each type of mattresses; but since mattress comfort is totally subjective, the liking towards a particular type of mattress varies from person to person.

Mattresses which are sold by us can be classified in different ways.
One method of classifying this could be as:
Soft  b. Medium  c. Hard
The above classification is based on the general feel of the mattress. But it should be noted that the feel or comfort factor is very subjective and the customer has to check out what would be best for him / her.
Our mattresses can also be classified by what they contain. Type of inner springs, natural materials like Latex, Visco-Gel etc also define each of our mattress grades.

A visit to our showroom would help you understand the varied offerings we have for our customers.

Ans : Yes there is a difference between spring base and foundation, though both provide support to a mattress. The spring base will also provide cushioning effect apart from the support to the mattress whereas only a foundation would provide adequate support. Whenever the mattress is replaced it is better to change the spring base / foundation.

Ans : Mattress size can be customized as per the requirements. There are 5 standard sizes available i.e. single (100 x 200) cm, twin (120 x 200) cm, queen (150 x 200) cm, king (180 x 200) cm and super king (200 x 200) cm

Ans : Dusting: Remove dust from the surface of your mattress and base with upholstery attachment of your vacuum cleaner

Removing stains & cleaning soiled surface: You can use an upholstery shampoo strictly as per the directions given on the shampoo labels.
Alternatively, you can use dry suds, made by beating up mild detergent in warm water with an eggbeater; apply only the dry suds to a small area at a time using a soft brush or sponge; wipe with sponge wrung out of warm water. Do not get padding inside the mattress wet. Dry area completely before covering or using mattress.

One can avoid all these hassles by covering the mattress by mattress protector or mattress encasement available at our showrooms, which will ensure a longer life for the mattress.