Electra Bed

Product ID : E-B-M-0100200
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Electra Bed

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Collection Name   Special Mattress Collection
Grade Name   Electra Bed
Inner Spring System   Adjustable Bed
Height   18 cm
Mattress Type   Double Sided
Design Type   Std
Advance Pressure Support System(APS)   No
Warranty   10 Years

Electra bed offers palliative comfort, thereby addressing issues like backache, neck pain, snoring problems, injuries etc.

One can choose from a variety of reclining postures depending upon his/her requirement for reading a book, surfing on laptop, watching TV etc.

The electra bed also offers massage function, the intensity of the massage can also be controlled.

The adjustable base is complemented with a 100% natural 5zone pin core latex mattress.

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