The Adjustable Bed from King Koil

The Adjustable Bed from King Koil
November 26, 2012

This is a technologically advanced premium adjustable bed known as the ‘ELECTRA BED, with a strikingly modern design and advanced technology, this bed has a sleek and attractive European design and the functionalities have been honed to perfection.

The Electra Bed is beneficial for health related problems, wherein it offer palliative comfort, thereby addressing issues like back ache, neck pain, snoring problems, injuries etc. Owning an adjustable bed would mean that the customer can choose from a variety of reclining postures. The posture depends on whether the requirement is to read a book, surf the laptop or watch the TV etc. All this can be achieved by just pressing the relevant button on a sleek and light remote control unit.

Another attractive feature is the massage function in this bed. While selecting an appropriate posture, the massage function can be used. The intensity of massage can be selected and the massage can be activated separately for upper body region and lower body region. The massages can also be timed. There are pre-set positions like the Zero-G position wherein the legs are raised to the chest level and therefore the feeling of weightlessness is simulated. Blood circulation is optimum in this posture and is beneficial to health.

Other pre-set positions are ‘TV/PC’ as well as ‘Lounge’ position. In addition, according to convenience, one can select the required posture by raising or lowering the upper and lower bed segments.

This new series of adjustable bed is very elegant, simple and trendy, with a European design. Though, it comes with massage function, the sound emissions are very low.