Timeless Beauty

Product ID : T-B-M-0100200
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Timeless Beauty

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Collection Name   Perfect Contour Collection
Grade Name   Timeless Buty
Inner Spring System   Pocketed Spring
Height   35 cm
Mattress Type   Double Sided
Design Type   PT
Advance Pressure Support System(APS)   No
Warranty   10 Years

Pocketed InnerSpring: it is specially designed for straight line deflection in order to reduce the partner movement disturbance.

Mega Foam Technology: Foam manufactured by this technology is eco friendly and has open cell structure for better air circulation in order to minimize heat generation.

ICA Endrosed: King Koil mattress is endrosed by International Chiropractor Association.

Convoluted Foam: Convoluted foam layer provides better air circulation in the mattress.

Stretch Fabric: stretch fabric quilted with tack and jump pattern to provide maximum softness on the surface while freely allowing the inner padding layer to respond to the body contours.

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