This is a pocketed spring mattress. These springs are manufactured using swiss machinery which provides precision and consistency to the spring wire. It’s packed with features and benefits to deliver superior comfort.

The mattress is equipped with iFusion technology that further enhances the benefits of Viscogel foam or memory foam. King Koil’s cool gel material is infused in Viscogel foam to manufacture this extraordinary foam. The cool gel has inherited cooling properties and it also opens the cell structure of memory foam, thus allowing better air circulation in the foam and reduces the surface heat.

Bio Cool Body Balance Technology:  Bio Cool Body balance technology developed by King Koil not only provides a cooler surface for sleeping but also helps to relive stress, rejuvenate and regulate body’s natural biorhythm. This technology uses special minerals found in the nature to improve intra-body communication. Sleeping regularly on the mattress equipped with Bio Cool Body Balance technology improves body’s natural biorhythm, reduces stress, relaxes and rejuvenates the body and helps you wake up refreshed all day… every day…

5 Day Delivery Time Free Delivery in UAE Free Installation
Secure Packaging Sanitized Product & Packaging
Mattress Size

90 x 200cm, 100 x 200cm, 120 x 200cm, 150 x 200cm, 180 x 200cm, 200 x 200cm


No Base, Platform Base, Adjustable Base


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