This mattress grade is one of the latest entrant under perfect Contour collection. And it is equipped with latest King Koil technologies and features which make this mattress so popular and crowd-pleaser. Its equipped with King Koil’s iFusion technology, Smart Cushion Aero system and Bio-Cool Body Balance Technology.

King Koil introduces unique SMART CUSHION AERO system which is designed to ensure not only air flows through the mattress construction but also provide deep cushioning for additional comfort.

Thousands of woven thermo-plastic threads bonded together in repeated loops made from superelastic material called elastic polymer are designed for cushioning & air permeability. These combined effects help to prevent heat build-up and pressure and provide a bouncy feel.



Bio Cool Body Balance Technology: This technology uses special minerals found in the nature to improve intra-body communication.


  1. It creates an inviting environment for the body to rest and rejuvenate.
  2. Naturally produces cooling effect and air circulation.
  3. Cooler surface helps to sleep quickly and also improves sleep quality.
  4. Regulates intra-body communication which allows you to wake up refreshed and with a balanced body.
  5. Intra-body communication helps improve balance and concentration.
Mattress Size

100 x 200cm, 120 x 200cm, 150 x 200cm, 180 x 200cm, 200 x 200cm


No Base, Platform Base


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